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We believe in doing things that are better for our clients, our communities and environment

We use water-based, people-safe inks in our digital printing technology. Gone are the days of heavy ink, harsh chemicals, and poor disposal practices common with screen printing.  

Our digital printing processes are not only environmentally friendly, but also versatile. We use certified, safe inks that are better for clothing, people, and the planet, all while maintaining high quality, detailing, and colors. With our advanced digital printing technology, we can print in any color, offering you a wide range of customization options. And the best part? There are no additional charges for each color, screen set-up fees, or minimum quantities.  Our method of customizing also ensures your apparel retains a softer feel, better stretch, and superior color.

Your logo will look great longer.

  • Better for the environment.
  • Better look and feel.
  • Better long-term wear and appearance.
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