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In 2016, while working on the helicopter during the winter, I needed a fleece hat. Finding our approved apparel vendor was a struggle, and when I did, the choices were one hat. For $19.00. With $21.00 in shipping. With delivery in 6 weeks.

This is stupid.

This happens every day, in every organization.

This is the reason staff "go rogue." They want to represent their organization, they want the gear, and they are proud of their team.

But If they can't quickly get it, this is when their neighbor jumps in and makes it for them. Your logo is now out of control and on the loose, in pink glitter. Out in the community, seen by everyone, including the executive team. You know what I'm talking about.

So in 2018, I started My Shirt Works with a simple goal - make it straightforward for staff to easily and quickly get their organizations' apparel while ensuring brand standards are met. It should be easy and efficient.

Our growth proves what we do works.

My fleece hat never did arrive.

-Mike Spaulding
 My Shirt Works

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